General info

Uzbekistan is an extraordinary country.

There are majestic mountain peaks, swift rivers, spacious valleys, and large modern cities. Here the spring blossoms in bright colors of trees, the hot summer is filled with the rays of the sun, the mysterious autumn gently slumbers to the sound of cool rains, and winter brings the magic flakes of snow. At the same time, Uzbek people meet guests from all over the world with the hospitality!

The history of Uzbekistan is a rapid change of events, the fortress walls of the greatest cities of Central Asia have withstood the onset of offensives, the bazaars have been the trade center of the Great Silk Road, hundreds of years have been replaced by millennia to form culture and heritage. For many centuries, this territory was inhabited by various peoples and various states . All of them contributed to the culture, architecture, way of life, rites, traditions and other spheres of life of modern Uzbekistan.

From time immemorial, all kinds of arts and crafts developed on the territory of Uzbekistan - from pottery to the creation of carpets. Many products of the Uzbek people are famous throughout the world today. Some of them, for example, the khan-atlas, are transformed and adapted to modern requirements of high fashion, others, like Bukhara carpets, dignify proud of the millennial traditions.

In Uzbekistan, there are a lot of ancient traditions, characteristic only of the Uzbek people. Most of them have been preserved since prehistoric times. Each of the custom is interesting and important in its own way, all of them are sacredly observed. Some of the traditions have adapted to the present, some have remained in their original form, but they all reflect the best qualities of the Uzbek people.