Culture and people

The culture of Uzbekistan, in many respects differs from other countries of the East. Bright, original, exciting ... Customs and traditions, cultural values of the Uzbek people, formed over the millennia, some of them, partially adapted to the present.

Music, dance and painting, national cuisine and clothing, works of artisans. The multifaceted culture of Uzbekistan is represented in many directions. It is believed that every resident of this country has a certain talent and can realize himself in creativity.

The national music of the Uzbek people was born many centuries ago. Songs, instrumental pieces and serious, classical works. Traditional string, wind and percussion instruments, according to custom, accompany many activities. In principle, all the music of Uzbekistan can be divided into two functional areas - works performed under certain circumstances and those that are executed at any time.

For each of the regions of Uzbekistan, their musical characteristics are characteristic. The lyrics are the embodiment of poetic talent, and the melody penetrates every part of the listener's soul. It is appropriate to say that music is a language understood by every inhabitant of our planet.

Talking about music, we can not fail to mention the dance culture of Uzbekistan. The main movements of national dances were formed and polished for millennia. Smooth, measured movements ... Easy, sliding step ... This action captivates the most desiccated spectator, and when a fast melody sounds, it also pulls to join the dancers.

Pictorial art of Uzbekistan is represented in a variety of genres, but the most common is the miniature. Islamic traditions prohibit depicting people and animals, which is why the masters have perfected drawing ornaments and calligraphy. Russian artists-travelers significantly influenced modern Russian painting. In private collections and museums around the world, you can find portraits, still lifes and landscapes, written by Uzbek artists.

The taste of traditional Uzbek dishes are legendary. National cuisine is represented by a variety of different dishes, they are prepared according to a special recipe in each of the regions of the country. The famous Uzbek pilaf, somsa, manti ... Rich soups and light snacks. Cooking involves many various ingredients and an abundance of spices.
To touch the culture of Uzbekistan means to discover a new world full of vivid impressions. Hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world visit this fabulous country every year in search of new discoveries, following the dream to touch the eternal, to the priceless.

Uzbekistan is a multinational state. Representatives of more than 50 different nationalities live on the territory of the country.
Uzbekistan is the most densely populated state in Central Asia. More than 30 million people are the third largest population in the CIS countries. The first and second place is occupied by Russia and Ukraine respectively.

The indigenous population of this region is the Uzbeks. They account for more than 80% of the country's inhabitants. It is believed that the name of the nation was designated only in the middle of the 16th century. The Uzbeks are representatives of the Turkic people. Representatives of many tribes and nationalities of ancient Central Asia took part in the formation of the nation.

Kindness and generosity distinguishes the inhabitants of Uzbekistan. Here, with special hospitality treat foreigners, even if they come from a neighboring country. Tourists are met with special honor and respect, are necessarily interested in business, news and invited to visit. Refusal can be perceived as distrust or resentment. Representatives of the most diverse religions live in Uzbekistan. A secular state respects the faith of all nationalities living on its territory.