The sharply continental climate of Uzbekistan attracts travelers throughout the year. Each season has its own character, this country is beautiful at any time of the year.

Spring amazes with an abundance of colors, mountains and valleys are painted in all colors of the rainbow. At this time, there really is something to see. Wherever you look - picturesque views and very soft, warm weather. Already in April, the temperature rises to +25 ° C.

An arid, hot summer is a great time for swimming and active recreation in the mountains of Uzbekistan. The hours of solar activity are best spent in the shadow of spreading trees, listening to the murmur of irrigation ditches and brooks. At these moments, sipping a fragrant tea, and pulls to think about the meaning of life. The average temperature in summer is + 40-45 ° C.

For most of the autumn, Uzbekistan still has warm weather. This time of harvest and most travelers, it is recommended to visit the country at this time of year. Nature is painted in all colors of the rainbow, each corner of Uzbekistan is picturesque in its own way. Literally, until the end of November, the temperature does not fall below +10 C.

In winter, the country attracts fans of outdoor activities. Snow-covered slopes of the mountains of Uzbekistan - an excellent site for skiing and snowboarding. There are many resort areas and special camps for winter sports fans. The average winter temperature is from +10 to -10 C.