Airports in Uzbekistan

1International airport «Tashkent»

International airport «Tashkent» is also carries out commercial activities; namely, provides for legal bodies and individuals a variety of services such as:

For airlines - the full range of services provided by aircraft ground handling;
Maintenance services in the halls with heightened comforts (VIP, CIP The hall of official delegations) Design and estimate services;
Rent of premises with the complex of related services;
Provision of health services;

2International airport "Andijan"
Andijan region is one of the most developed and significant region of Uzbekistan. It is located in the eastern part of Fergana Valley and it’s territory 4,2 thousand square km. Andijan region borders on Fergana and Namangan provinces of Uzbekistan and also Osh and Djalal-Abad regions of Kirgizstan.
3International airport "Bukhara"
On the decision of UNESCO Bukhara was included into the list of world-wide scientific and cultural values. “Bukhara – i - Sharif”, “Noble Bukhara” – these were the names of the city in the Muslim East from the ancient times. This way the marvelous city, with more than 140 unique monuments of ancient architecture, is being called till now.
4International airport "Karshi"
Available runway length is 2825 meters (9 268,37 feet), runway with is 42 meters (137,80 feet) with an asphaltic-concrete surface.
5International airport "Namangan"
Namangan region is located on the north of the golden Fergana Valley near the Chatkal and Kurama mountain systems. The region is bordered on the north and north-east - with Kyrgyzstan in the east and south- east - the Andijan region, in the south - with the Fergana region, in the south- west the Republic of Tajikistan and the west - the Tashkent region.
6International airport "Navoi"
Navoi International Airport is the brand new logistics hub in heart of Central Asia. It is located in the center of Uzbekistan and Central Asia and is less than six flying hours from world’s largest aviation hubs of Frankfurt, Milan, Dubai, India, Shanghai and Incheon. Taking this geographical advantage and Uzbek government’s support, it is now transformed into the most competitive regional logistics hub, connecting Europe and Asia.
7International airport "Nukus"
"The international airport Nukus" is "air gate" the Republics of Karakalpakstan. Weekly from here over 20 regular passenger flights to Tashkent, Moscow and other cities of the CIS are performed. Airport capacity - 200 passengers in hour.
8International airport "Samarkand"
The international airport "Samarkand" is air gate of Samarkand the ancient city known for the whole world for such historical monuments, as Registan square, Gur Emir, Ulugbek observatory, Shakhi-Zinda's, Al Bukhara and many others. The Samarkand airport is dynamically developing enterprise which serves over 300 000 passengers a year.
9International airport "Termez"
Termez city is an administrative center of Surkhan-Darya district. It is situated in the South of Uzbekistan. The area of Surkhan-Darya is 20.1 thousand km. square with the population about 2 mln. people, 140 thousand of which live in Termez. Climate of the district is continental with hot and long summer and cold and short winter.
10International airport "Fergana"
Ferghana Valley or Ferghana is an intermountain depression in the upstream of Syr-Darya river and its sources surrounded with mountain systems the Pamir-Alay and the Tien Shan. The valley is notable for abundance and diversity of natural riches therefore people call it a pearl of Uzbekistan.
11International airport "Urgench"
The state unitary enterprise the international airport "Urgench" began the existence in October 1923 and was in the city of Khiva under the name Khiva Aero station.